2023.04 Ekotumi Letter from Japan “NFT Artwork Visual Music”

2 min readMay 24, 2023


Konnichiwa! Ladies and gentlemen!!

Today, I am excited to introduce you to my new artwork from the winter!

“Displayed Soundscape”

This is one of my ways to express in the digital world.

“The ultimate goal of all the arts is music.” Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

“All art constantly aspires towards the condition of music.” Walter Horatio Pater

But I, a musical artist, have felt jealous of paintings, statues, pictures, and installations which can exist like forever.

I love concerts and it’s wonderful. But music is only in our memories.

Yes, CDs are almost forever. But more and more people don’t buy it.

Can we display the music?

How about standing in front of the artwork and taste that calmly for several minutes… maybe hours like me in front of paintings.

If in the NFT art-format, it will be possible.

So, I created my new artwork, “Displayed Soundscape” series.

This “Singing, Moving, Picture No1, No2” are visual music. These are fixed videos like pictures, and these are with music.

Usually “human” is the object of shooting. But in this artwork, humans are a part of the landscape and don’t move as much as possible. Only nature makes a change in these videos.

These music pieces are composed by melodies which I felt during video shooting and created by human (my) voices which is one of primitive music instruments.

Like the picture in the URL, you can enjoy this artwork with a tablet, smartphone, or PC monitor.

This artwork is NFT format, but you DON’T NEED to buy virtual currency.

You can use a credit card when you want to buy it.

The details are here.


If you like my artwork and the concept, I will be so grateful.

■ “Displayed Soundscape”

“Singing, Moving, Picture No1”


“Singing, Moving, Picture No2”





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