2023.05 Ekotumi Letter from Japan “Mythology website in English & French”

2 min readMay 24, 2023

Today, I am really excited to announce you about this project.

Japanese Mythology Website in Japanese, English and French is launched!!!

Although I, Ekotumi sing and express about Japanese mythology or inspired by Japanese mythology, I reconstructed it with the view of women and with the imaginary emotion.

At the same time, and for a long time, I really want to make a Website in accordance with the interpretation of the book, “KOJIKI”.

*”KOJIKI” is the oldest historical book and is written about Japanese mythology in the first volume.

I want to tell you not only the “New Translation of the Kojiki” = my art work but also the “Kojiki”=book .

I also want to introduce whole characters = gods and goddesses to the world without any abbreviation.

And to translate those in correct style with the meaning, the image and the pronunciation.

When we, Japanese call one name “Sato”(佐藤), one of the famous name in Japan, we understand the pronunciation is “Sato”, the KANJI meaning is 佐 = left, 藤 = wisteria. Some people probably feel the image that this families might fight for 藤原 family, one of the old famous novel family and were given the name “藤”.

I wanted to introduce the names of all the gods and goddesses even they are not famous.

It took a lot of time. But finally I can show you.

Although this is only the first part of KOJIKI, you may be able to read little by little!

If you know someone who has an interest in mythology, please let them know!!!



This KOJIKI is said to be the ‘oldest history book in Japan’.

Yes, giant snake with eight heads and the talking white rabbit are positioned as “history”.

What a fantastic country Japan is!

The gods and goddesses of KOJIKI are still worshipped at shrines. Isn’t this an amazing thing?

I feel as if all of us living today are part of this long great story from the ancient time,

Myth is not a religion or a politics, but a national story, a culture of our planet.

The more I perform overseas, the more I am convinced of this.

From now on, in Japan and all over the world, I will continue to express Japanese mythology in song, dance and words, using everything I can think of.

Thank you all for your continued support!




Artist, Singer-songwriter, Dancer, performer and novelist inspired by Japanese mythology. Since 2015, performs in concerts over the world, beginning with Europe