About NFT visual music “Displayed Soundscape”

1 min readMar 9, 2023


“The ultimate goal of all the arts is music.” Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
“All art constantly aspires towards the condition of music.” Walter Horatio Pater

But I, a musical artist, have felt jealous like paintings, statues, pictures, and installations which can exist like forever.

Can we display the music also?
Could you stand in front of the artwork and taste that calmly several minutes… maybe hours like me in front of paintings.

So, I created my new artwork, “Displayed Soundscape”.

Usually “soundscape” means the things you can listen when you are in specific place.
In this artwork, you can listen only human (my) voices. Not the sound of the place like the river’s sound or the forest’s sound.

But I composed these music pieces by melodies which I felt during video shooting. It means these music pieces is a kind of the “soundscape” of these places. And because you can listen these music pieces only at the places, (In other words, in front of this artwork.) it also means these music pieces is a kind of the “soundscape”.

No1 and No2 are the winter’s landscapes. I will keep to creating at the other places and in other seasons.

NFT visual music “Displayed Soundscape”




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