Maternity Eternity 04

1 min readNov 7, 2023
Japanese maternity photo / 10 months belly / praying

The doctor recommended me one hospital for the exam of the recurrent miscarriage (the recurrent pregnancy loss). When I came into the hospital, I remembered the atmosphere of the spring light. Warm and calm. The nurse explained me “you will receive the result after several months and you have to know that the results can not explain whole miscarriages. There are possibilities that we cannot find any reason”. I explained that I didn’t know this RPL. She said “recently the young come to this hospital to take the exam. They want to know the risk for the future.”

If I took the exam in advance, I might not feel this sorrow. But the joy when I saw the heart beats and the sorrow when they gone were the only presents from my deceased children. I can not say easily that I should have taken.

NFT Artwork
“ Maternity Eternity “

Artist : Ekotumi
Photo : Richard Lee
Hair & Make up : Arakaki Erina
Hair Cut : Hiromi Tanaka(Moga)




Artist, Singer-songwriter, Dancer, performer and novelist inspired by Japanese mythology. Since 2015, performs in concerts over the world, beginning with Europe