Maternity Eternity 09/15

2 min readDec 21, 2023
Japanese maternity photo / 10 months belly / Kimono

Morning sickness at the stage when the belly is not noticeable, I have to rely on the pink pregnancy mark. When priority seats on trains were not available, I was frustrated and sad. I wanted to sit in front of the door like a student with no manners. When I saw businessmen working on their computers or playing games on their smartphones in priority seats, I almost got an anger. Maybe I could have asked them to change seats, but I didn’t have any power left to do so. I used all my power only standing there.

I laughed once when the only people standing were a 9 months pregnant woman (me), a mother with a baby in her arms and a woman wearing a help mark. Frustration itself use my energy, so I imaged that this person had a broken bone or this person had a stomachache from eating oysters to reduce my frustration.
I realised that although we automatically become an ‘adult’(大人=big person) as we get older, that is not the same as becoming a ‘member of society’(社会人=social person). Observe the rules of society. Be considerate of the weak. Help each other. If we’re not careful, it’s hard to do. There were probably many times when I couldn’t do this behavior.

Tokyo is convenient. Because it is convenient, it looks like as if the people around you are also convenient and have no problems. But it is not true.
Because it is convenient, sometimes people feel others seem like obstacles. But it is not true.
I wondered what would have happened if I had been pregnant in France, Switzerland, Belgium or Lithuania, where someone naturally reached out to me when I was carrying heavy luggage.




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