Maternity Eternity 11/15

2 min readDec 21, 2023
Japanese maternity photo / 10 months belly / echo

Probably I should put on the clothes like ‘never miscarriage cloth’. At least I thought I became so. Because I had multiple miscarriages. But no. I preferred the same style. Of course I never put on belly tighten cloth. To make my body warm, I put on many warm accessories like Heattech by UNIQLO. (I was lucky to be in Japan with UNIQLO!!!) But my outside was almost same. Almost black outfit, look sleek and slender. Shoes were short boots with heels.
One reason is to fake my body. “The pregnancy is not big thing. You can keep it without big efforts. So, let’s keep this pregnancy, don’t you?” I knew it’s nothing but it’s my wish. The second is to fake my mental. In the case I might have a miscarriage again, I wanted to pretend me I was all right. I felt that I couldn’t stand to face my sorrow again.
The last reason. To make myself strong physically. I don’t know but I look like weak. I got many nonsense trouble by angry stranger when I didn’t put on sleek cloth. The worst thing was attack by the man with knife! My art of defense is “looking like having hiding power”, so I need to be sleek! Sleek!!!
And one more simple reason. Because I always wear short boots with heels, it’s the easiest way to live for me. I didn’t change my cloth style until the final month of pregnancy.

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NFT Art / アート作品
“ Maternity Eternity “

Artist : Ekotumi
Photo : Richard Lee




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