Maternity Eternity 12/15

2 min readDec 21, 2023
Japanese maternity photo / 10 months belly / Echo

Finally I got the stable period. But I couldn’t feel any relief. My gods and goddesses, please give me a “pass” stamp if you have.
In the case, that I have an early delivery, too early, I searched a lot about “when does a baby’s chances of survival increase?”. Probably 26 weeks, around 7 months is not too bad. Mmm, it’s not enough. I would tell my family about this pregnancy after 28 weeks, 8 months.
When I had the pregnancy the first time, I was easy that I thought “I can go to abroad with the insurance until 22 weeks.” If I had a chance, I might go. At that time, it’s just talking about “numbers”. 22 weeks, I can go. 23 weeks, I can not. Over. But now I know how important the numbers are. To spent one week is a big thing for this new small life. This week, it’s difficult to live, but next week, the big possibility to live longer. “The number” became “The life” talking.
I checked the SNS and found one account of music festival which I supposed to sing. It was a wonderful picture. I should have join it, but… I couldn’t stop to cry. Although I desire to continue pregnancy, I cried that I couldn’t to to oversea to sing. What’s the best way for me? Though there are no guarantee to have my baby. Oh my gods and goddesses, please give me a “pass” stamp.

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NFT Art / アート作品
“ Maternity Eternity “

Artist : Ekotumi
Photo : Richard Lee




Artist, Singer-songwriter, Dancer, performer and novelist inspired by Japanese mythology. Since 2015, performs in concerts over the world, beginning with Europe