Maternity Eternity 15/15

2 min readDec 21, 2023
Japanese maternity photo / 10 months belly / Kimono

Many my friends delivered the babies several weeks ago before the scheduled date. I planned I might have the baby two weeks earlier. But still I worked a lot. There were no feeling of pain of delivery. One morning, I felt something. Something strange. The water from me a little bit. It was totally different from what the doctor told me. She said rupture of bag of waters was obvious and you couldn’t misunderstand. “In case”, I thought and called the maternity cab. I got several exams but no one couldn’t decide what happened. Finally older doctor came to me and said “it’s rupture of bag of waters. You are good to notice such a small amount.” I believe it was because of breathing (singing) and Pilates training. The next day the time came.
My baby was born in a surprisingly short time.
During surprisingly short time, I could feel the earth and the cosmos. Time and space were distorted, and I felt somehow far away that life had been passed down from the ancient time. We are individual and at the same time, we are one big life.

When I saw my baby between my legs, I felt this is the miracle. One moment ago, there was no one, but now, the life is.

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NFT Art / アート作品
“ Maternity Eternity “

Artist : Ekotumi
Photo : Richard Lee




Artist, Singer-songwriter, Dancer, performer and novelist inspired by Japanese mythology. Since 2015, performs in concerts over the world, beginning with Europe