“The Soul of The Night” Production notes

3 min readMar 17, 2023


Monday 13 March 2023.
Japanese government announced officially that there are no more mask rules and the wearing of masks has become optional in Japan.
Finally “Covid-19” is becoming “the history”.

We do so and may forget it.

But remember this season three years ago.
The otherworldly situations when people disappeared from the town.

What was the ‘lockdown’?
What did we think and do?

Many concerts and performances were repeatedly postponed and cancelled.
The words “unnecessary” were thrown around in Japan.
A number of ‘justifications’ were wielded in real and in social media.

I even thought about the possibility of music and art being exterminated from this world (this is a hidden motif in the video).

I don’t want you think about what was right or wrong.
Tt’s about what you thought and what you did in such a desperate situation including me.
People are ugly. But people are beautiful.
Now that Covid-19 become the past, I feel that we should not pretend that it was not there.

Under the covid 19 between March-May 2020, the world lockdown period, I asked many people to record the sounds around you and composed the songs with those sounds.

Those that were gathered were
◇”Tokyo Chant”, using soundscapes of Tokyo only
◇”A Wingless Country”, using soundscapes of Japan only

Today I am pleased to be informed you that the releasing new music video that looks back on our lockdown period.

This “The Soul of The Night”, using soundscapes from all over the world excluding Japan. 40 locations and 90 sounds.
Places:Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Ethiopia, Finland, France(Fontainebleau, Marseille, Paris), Germany, Greece, India, Italy(Florence, Milano, Spezia), Lebanon
Norway, Oman, Poland, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, UAE(Abu Dhabi, Dubai), United Kingdom(Guildford, London), United States of America(California, Manhattan, Michigan, Santa Fe) and more.

All sounds are positioned in the stereo field to give the impression of reality according to the latitude and longitude. The starting point is WHO: World Health Organization (Geneva, Switzerland) and the central reference point is the direction of sunrise (0 degrees) on November 22, 2019, when viral pneumonia of unknown cause was first confirmed.

In addition, the landscape scenes in the music video are from various parts of Japan during the same lockdown period.
Because when some people sent me the soundscape sound, they sent me it as video format.
I’d like to share the landscapes in Japan at the time.

For more information about the lyrics, please check here.
It’s based on the god of Moon.

‘Production notes — lyrics’.

“The Soul of Night”
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