Travel to Mongolia -8- Journey to the Gobi Desert

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3 min readOct 11, 2022

There were already lots of travel memories. But before this “travel to Mongolia”, I’ve also sang at the Japan Festival in Mongolia 2022. Oh my god. It’s really lots of things.

The round trip to Harhorin took about six hours each way from Ulaanbaata. Even at this point, it was physically very hard. Although it’s amazing and fun, there’s so much input that made my head full.

However, this is the start of the journey to the South Gobi Desert.

The Gobi desert is different from the ‘desert’ we imagine, with lots of gravel and pebbles and sparse grass. It is said to be a “gravel desert”.

The Gobi Desert is said to take seven hours from Ulaanbaatar.

In reality, however, the journey takes 10 hours because of the meal and toilet breaks on the way. As a side note, in Japan, women who went to the toilet used to say “I’m going to pick some flowers” in old time, but Mongolian men say “I’m going to see horses”. I see.

The 10-hour journey takes us along a normal paved road and then along a paved but potholed road. Many of the trucks carry coal, and the weight of these trucks make the holes on the road.

Then, of course, the paved road becomes a road with no pavement, then a ‘roadless road’. And finally a bumpy road with jumps like in a video game or film. Yes, there is no road. We are heading into the desert.

I hope you got our feelings with these photos and videos.

On the road when I had room to breathe enough at this point. Mandal govi

Still I had room to breathe. At this point the road is paved.

*Music is “Tokyo Chant”

Welcome gate to the Gobi desert. I believed we could arrive the destination soon. Too optimistic.

*Music is “Tokyo Chant”

However, the road is still paved at this point.

*Music “A Wingless Country”

This is a sheep priority road. In the second video, you can see the road holes only the side carrying coal. In the 3rd, last video, you can see the road without pavement. Desert road. But there was still plenty of room to breath because I could take this video!

..Oh my god. It’s as if we’re never going to get the destination!!

*This “travel to Mongolia” was supposed to be the end in Part 9, but because the road needs one full part, it will continue until Part 10!


  • Tokyo Chant
  • A Wingless Country In Japanese
  • A Wingless Country In English

If you want to read in Japanese, here!

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